COVID-19 / Jachthuis : To protect and Serve

During these challenging COVID-19 times Jachthuis is proud to state that because of its COVID policy, none of our guests were infected with COVID-19.
That's quite impressive as we accommodate over 500 guests.
Hereunder, in short, our COVID-19 regulations.

For visitors of existing guests or new guests arriving or relocating within the Netherlands:
All visitors are registered, whether they rent an accommodation or not.
We measure temperature for every arrival.
Please introduce your guest/s first at Jachthuis reception before entering your home.
Visitors will be denied when their temperature is over 37.5 degree Celsius or have any other symptoms related to COVID.
We urge all guests to make sure they advise their guests to stay home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.

New guests of Jachthuis, coming from within the Netherlands, will be quarantined for 10 days in one of our quarantine houses when their temperature is above 37.5 degree Celsius
and/or having any COVID-19 related complaints.

New arrivals from abroad or from India:
In case you travel to Jachthuis coming from India or any other country, then a 10 days quarantine and airport pickup by our van is mandatory.
In these 10 days, you can enjoy our beautiful quarantined accommodations, and food will be provided by us. Of course our services will ensure you that you can start working from home the soonest you want.

Completing Quarantine:
After your 10 days quarantine is completed and no health issues occurred, we will bring you to your final destination within Jachthuis Residence
or to the accommodation that you have booked outside Jachthuis Residence.

Costs due the COVID-19 quarantine period are €350.00 all-in(including breakfast, lunch and dinner). After the quarantine starts the agreed monthly rental period rent.

For current measures announced on 13th Oct 2020 you can visit NEW COVID MEASURES

Furnished houses for rent short stay

Looking for expat housing in the Netherlands?

Are you looking for a Dutch apartment or house because you are moving to the Netherlands? You may want to rent a house (or apartment) rather than buying your own property. The rules for renting an accommodation in the Netherlands can be very complicated and some properties are for social housing only. You could have a hard time finding expat housing in Holland. Het Jachthuis residence offers fully serviced rental accommodations in some of the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands, and close to your office. Contact us for expat housing in Eindhoven, Utrecht or near Amsterdam. We offer a fully furnished house for a short stay or a long stay. For you alone or your family as well. And we do more than that, we help expats in Holland with their first steps to becoming a Dutch citizen.

Call: +31(0)334619369Reservations

Expat rentals in big cities

Jachthuis Residence started with an accommodation close to Amersfoort and Soesterberg, where we welcomed expats from India and other places in the world. Nowadays we offer expat studios in Eindhoven and Utrecht. And expat rental services in the area of Amsterdam. Our accommodations are near the city center, fully serviced and furnished and assure you of a pleasant stay. The prices per month include:

But we do more than that to make you feel welcome and help you with your first steps in a foreign country. Our expat rental services include:

You can contact us for basically anything that comes to mind. We want you to feel home, even though you are 10.000 kilometers from home.

Different types of expat housing

Het Jachthuis Residence can provide you everything you need during your short stay or long stay in Amersfoort, Utrecht or Eindhoven. We offer expat studios for single expats and for those who bring their family. Our accommodations are completely furnished, which means that you don’t have to buy furniture or bring it with you from home. Our expat housing are appropriate for expats who want to stay for just a few months or for those who are working here for a longer amount of time. Het Jachthuis offers different types of accommodations in different cities. These expat rentals are rentable for various budgets. You can choose between fully furnished or semi furnished. Or you can choose to stay in the shared service villa in Amersfoort, where you get to live with other international expats. This service villa is very luxurious and is fully equipped with a kitchen that has a dishwasher, an oven, and a refrigerator. It has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

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